Close-Up CRM: Intelligent Field Team Automation

Effective customer engagement requires agility, precision, and the ability to consistently deliver relevant experiences across an expanding array of touchpoints. Close-Up CRM empowers life sciences organizations with a future-proofed platform that streamlines field team operations while elevating customer-centric strategies.


Orchestrate Smarter Customer Journeys

Close-Up CRM for Pharma Field Teams is an intelligent engagement hub that harmonizes all customer-facing functions onto a unified data model and workflow architecture, from sales and marketing to medical affairs and patient services. The platform consolidates both structured data (like prescriber details) and unstructured sources like electronic medical records, claims, and social sentiments) into comprehensive 360° profiles of healthcare professionals (HCPs), healthcare organizations (HCOs), patients, and other stakeholders.

By eliminating legacy data silos, Close-Up CRM provides a single source of truth that field teams can seamlessly access across devices and channels, eliminating legacy data silos. The solution fosters tighter collaboration among field teams by creating shared visibility into all functions. Close-Up CRM leverages embedded AI to surface contextual recommendations on the next best engagement strategy for each unique customer scenario. For instance, algorithmic models can analyze an HCP’s prescribing patterns, referral networks, digital interactions, and more to determine if they should be prioritized for a sales rep’s next in-person visit or if a remote engagement would be more impactful.

This intelligent orchestration streamlines historically fragmented processes like program planning, content activation, and customer mapping into a cohesive, insight-driven workflow. The result is coordinated omnichannel journeys that prioritize the customer’s needs.

Empower Field Teams with Connected Intelligence

Close-Up CRM empowers field teams with predictive guidance and analytics-driven recommendations, enabling life sciences companies to precisely choreograph personalized journeys while amplifying the impact and productivity of field resources. Close-Up CRM empowers field teams with embedded intelligence, which guides frontline teams with timely and relevant insights and recommendations that drive higher-impact engagements for field teams. Advanced analytics and machine learning models continuously analyze a variety of data signals – from real-world assets like claims, EMRs, and IoT devices to first-party sources like CRM activities and performance metrics.

Connected intelligence provides users with unparalleled customer context, enabling them to dynamically segment audiences based on multidimensional variables like prescribing behavior, referral influence, formulary coverage, digital engagement patterns, and more. Close-Up CRM proactively surfaces recommendations for each user by leveraging connected intelligence that’s seamlessly embedded into field force workflows, including:

  • The next best customer(s) to prioritize for outreach
  • The optimal engagement channels (e.g., in-person vs virtual) and messaging
  • The most relevant content and visual aids to share based on historical interests

Accelerate Content Activation with Intelligent CLM

Content lifecycle management is crucial to r orchestrating personalized customer experiences at scale. Close-Up CRM provides life sciences marketers with an agile, AI-powered content engine to activate fresh, high-impact experiences anchored on audience insights, with intelligent content recommendations aligned to audience wants, streamlined review processes, and robust measurement.

Close-Up CRM achieves this with an AI engine that ingests and contextualizes approved content assets from global repositories and automatically tags materials based on therapeutic areas, indications, product affiliations, and more. Based on the HCP’s profile, territory dynamics, and historical content consumption patterns, the platform surfaces intelligent content recommendations for each customer interaction.

Close-Up CRM’s integrated Closed-Loop Marketing (CLM) module governs the complete end-to-end content lifecycle, including:

  • Automated medical/legal/regulatory compliance validation and approval workflows
  • Comprehensive audit trails that capture content utilization across channels
  • Multichannel content deployment for personal and non-personal promotion

As field teams leverage these approved assets, the CLM module meticulously tracks content performance signals like open rates, dwell times, feedback annotations, and more to power an iterative optimization cycle that helps marketers continuously refine content strategy.

Plan Smarter and Execute Faster with Unified Workflows

Close-Up CRM empowers field leaders and operations teams to capitalize on opportunities with advanced planning, alignment and execution capabilities on a common platform.

Data-Driven Territory Alignment and Routing

Close-Up CRM analyzes geographic, physician landscape, and other census data to design balanced and optimized territories that are fully aligned with corporate goals. Smart routing capabilities can map out schedules and journeys for maximum efficiency.

Intelligent Call Planning

Integrated call planning tools equip field teams with segmentation insights from predictive models to prioritize their touchpoints based on opportunity scoring, whitespace analysis, next-best-action recommendations, and more. They can seamlessly schedule calls, associate content/samples, and prepare for upcoming engagements.

Precise Customer Targeting

Close-Up CRM’s embedded propensity models leverage AI to analyze a multitude of data signals and precisely pinpoint the highest-value customer opportunities, whitespace, and prioritized segments to target, maximizing the impact of scarce field resources.

Remote & Offline Functionality

Close-Up CRM provides native mobile capabilities for field teams, ensuring productivity on the go. Its offline-first design guarantees access to vital data and assets, even in connectivity-constrained environments. With advanced intelligence and unified workflows, Close-Up CRM enhances field team productivity and enables agile commercial strategy implementation.

Robust Sample & Accountability Management

Providing physician sample access remains a critical aspect of drug commercialization and HCP engagement. However, sample management complexities like chain of custody, regulatory compliance, and inventory forecasting pose risks that can quickly spiral without effective control mechanisms.

Close-Up CRM streamlines sample control and accountability through an integrated, end-to-end sample inventory management module. Key capabilities include:

Complete Tracking of Sample Levels & Transactions

The solution captures and maintains an immutable, audit-ready ledger of all sample stocking and disbursement activities across the distribution network. It governs sample shipments, returns, transfers, adjustments, and reconciliations through a strict electronic chain of custody.

Automated Sample Request Validation

As field reps log HCP sample requests through Close-Up CRM, intelligent algorithms automatically validate samples against compliance parameters like license/credential status, prescription limits, governing sample laws, and more before fulfillment, mitigating regulatory risks.

Smart Forecasting & Replenishment

Leveraging AI models that analyze historical demand patterns, formulary updates, and other variables, Close-Up CRM provides highly accurate forecasts to optimize stocking levels across distribution sites. Close-Up CRM helps mitigate inventory carrying costs and stockouts by enhancing demand visibility.

Electronic Chain of Custody Audit Trail

Every sample inventory event from receipt through consumption is captured in an immutable, DSCSA-compliant blockchain audit trail within the system. This electronic evidence repository ensures complete traceability for inspections or audits, enabling life sciences companies to drive operational efficiencies while mitigating sample accountability and compliance risks.

State-of-the-Art Virtual Collaboration

Close-Up CRM integrates a state-of-the-art virtual collaboration platform that enables rich audio/video engagement between field teams and providers – without any application installation requirements for HCPs. Built on years of virtual field force software experience, Close-Up CRM’s cloud-based solution provides a seamless, unified experience for participants spanning:

User-Friendly Design Interface

Flexible Offline Engagement

Interactive Content Sharing

Close-Up’s remote engagement solution features an intuitive interface optimized for high HCP adoption rates. It prioritizes simple link sharing over cumbersome app downloads. In fact, over 80% of physicians leveraged the platform because of its ease of use.

To maximize productivity, the platform supports offline calling modes that boost engagement rates with previously missed appointments by up to 60%. Field reps can queue up calls with all content preloaded, seamlessly switching between online and asynchronous experiences.

Within virtual meetings, field teams can share their entire library of approved visual aids, animations, and richer media, including closed-loop tracking of the content covered on each call.