AI-Powered CRM Platform for Pharma Field Teams

Close-Up’s AI-enabled CRM solution harnesses the power of advanced analytics and machine learning to drive smarter decision-making, optimize resource allocation, and enhance customer engagement for pharmaceutical sales teams.

By leveraging cutting-edge technologies, our solution empowers sales teams with predictive insights, intelligent targeting, and personalized engagement strategies, ultimately driving increased efficiency and effectiveness in the field.

Complete scope of pharma processes

Close-Up’s comprehensive CRM platform covers the entire spectrum of pharmaceutical processes, from sales execution and scientific discussions to market access, key account management, digital marketing, and event management. Our solution seamlessly integrates with various data sources, providing a centralized hub for all your pharmaceutical operations, ensuring streamlined workflows, data-driven decision-making, and enhanced collaboration across teams and functions.

In pursuit of the extraordinary

At Close-Up, we are relentlessly committed to innovation, continuously pushing the boundaries of what’s possible to deliver extraordinary solutions that empower our clients to achieve unprecedented success in the ever-evolving pharmaceutical landscape.

Our dedicated team of experts works tirelessly to stay ahead of the curve, leveraging cutting-edge technologies and industry best practices to develop tailored solutions that address the unique challenges and opportunities faced by our clients.


Comprehensive AI-enabled CRM solutions

Market Access and MSL CRM

Streamline market access processes and enhance medical science liaison (MSL) activities with tailored CRM capabilities.

Key Account Management

Strengthen relationships with key accounts through data-driven insights, personalized engagement strategies, and seamless collaboration tools.

Medical Promotion Teams

Empower medical promotion teams with AI-driven targeting, intelligent call planning, and real-time data access for effective physician engagement.

Sales Execution

Optimize sales execution with AI-powered territory alignment, smart routing, and real-time performance tracking.

CLM/Digital Marketing

Deliver personalized, omnichannel experiences through advanced closed-loop marketing (CLM) and digital marketing capabilities. 

Events / Mkt Investments Management

Efficiently manage events, marketing investments, and associated processes within a unified CRM platform.

Promo Plans & Sample Management

Streamline promotional planning, sample distribution, and inventory management with integrated CRM functionalities.

Omni-Channel Actions

Orchestrate seamless omnichannel experiences through unified customer data, AI-driven journey mapping, and personalized content delivery.

Reporting & Analytics

Gain actionable insights with advanced reporting, real-time dashboards, and predictive analytics powered by AI and machine learning.

Coaching & Training

Foster continuous improvement through data-driven coaching, smart content recommendations, and integrated training capabilities.

Our Technology Partners

Client Case Studies

Close-Up’s client success stories speak volumes, with leading pharmaceutical companies like Sandoz, Bayer, and Abbott harnessing the power of our AI-enabled CRM solution to drive operational excellence, enhance customer engagement, and achieve remarkable business outcomes.

Sandoz streamlined its operations across 30+ countries with Close-Up’s flexible and scalable CRM, while Bayer leveraged our platform for over a decade in Latin America before extending its partnership.

Abbott Nutrition transitioned to Close-Up’s CRM to benefit from integrated sales and prescription data, AI/predictive analytics tools, and seamless visibility across sales and trade execution teams.