Case Study: How Close-Up’s Big Data services helped Hypera Pharma optimize sales processes.

Driving Revenue Growth: Close-Up’s Big Data Case Study Explore how Close-Up’s advanced Big Data methodologies transformed sales processes for Hypera Pharma, one of Brazil’s major pharmaceutical companies. Learn how innovative solutions helped Hypera Pharma optimize stockout monitoring efforts, leading to significant revenue gains. The Challenge of Stockouts: Discover the detrimental impact of product stockouts on […]

Case-Study: How Close-Up’s CRM Helped the Largest Pharmaceutical Company in Bolivia Modernize its Sales Force

Transform Your Sales Force: Close-Up’s CRM Case Study Dive into the transformative journey of INTI, Bolivia’s largest pharmaceutical company, as it modernized its sales force operations with Close-Up’s CRM system. Discover the challenges faced, strategies implemented, and remarkable results achieved in this compelling case study. The Need for Modernization: Explore why INTI recognized the imperative […]

Case-Study: How Close-Up Helped a Major Pharmaceutical Company Improve its Prescription Conversion

Unlock Success: Close-Up’s Prescription Conversion Case Study Discover how Close-Up empowered a major pharmaceutical company to revolutionize its prescription conversion rates. Dive into our case study and learn how we helped drive substantial revenue growth through strategic interventions. Navigating the Sales Funnel: Explore the challenges pharmaceutical companies face in converting prescriptions to sales. Learn why […]