Case-Study: How Close-Up’s CRM Helped the Largest Pharmaceutical Company in Bolivia Modernize its Sales Force

Transform Your Sales Force: Close-Up’s CRM Case Study

Dive into the transformative journey of INTI, Bolivia’s largest pharmaceutical company, as it modernized its sales force operations with Close-Up’s CRM system. Discover the challenges faced, strategies implemented, and remarkable results achieved in this compelling case study.

The Need for Modernization: Explore why INTI recognized the imperative need to transition from manual processes to modern technologies to sustain competitiveness and market leadership. Learn how Close-Up’s CRM system emerged as the solution to drive efficiency and innovation.

Challenges Encountered: Delve into the financial, operational, and cultural challenges faced by INTI during the transition to Close-Up’s CRM. From procuring tablets to managing cultural shifts within the sales force, discover how INTI overcame obstacles to achieve success.

Navigating the Transition: Follow INTI’s journey as it navigated the complex transition process, from planning and deployment to assessment. Learn how strategic decisions and phased deployment ensured a smooth and efficient transition while minimizing disruptions.

Remarkable Results: Witness the remarkable gains in efficiency, productivity, and communication experienced by INTI since adopting Close-Up’s CRM. Explore how features like Close-Up’s Sales Driver revolutionized prescriber communication and enhanced sales force effectiveness.

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