Case Study: How Close-Up’s Big Data services helped Hypera Pharma optimize sales processes.

Driving Revenue Growth: Close-Up’s Big Data Case Study

Explore how Close-Up’s advanced Big Data methodologies transformed sales processes for Hypera Pharma, one of Brazil’s major pharmaceutical companies. Learn how innovative solutions helped Hypera Pharma optimize stockout monitoring efforts, leading to significant revenue gains.

The Challenge of Stockouts: Discover the detrimental impact of product stockouts on revenue and brand loyalty in the pharmaceutical industry. Understand the complexity of verifying stockouts at thousands of Points of Sale (POS) and the challenges faced by field representatives in manual verification processes.

Hypera Engages Close-Up: Learn how Close-Up collaborated with Hypera Pharma to enhance stockout monitoring efforts through advanced Big Data solutions. Gain insights into the scale of Hypera Pharma’s operations and the inefficiencies in the existing verification process.

Project Zero Stockout: Explore the innovative Project Zero Stockout initiative aimed at expanding POS coverage and improving stockout detection. Discover how Close-Up’s CRM platform and Big Data model enabled automated report generation and dynamic prioritization of POS visits.

Empowering Decision-Making: Understand how Close-Up’s CRM platform provides intuitive dashboards and actionable insights derived from Big Data analysis. Learn how executives and account managers leverage these insights to make informed decisions and drive revenue growth.

Large-Scale Gains: Witness the remarkable results achieved by Hypera Pharma, including a 4.5% increase in stockout resolution rate and a 75% reduction in average visit time per POS. Understand the significant revenue impact of reducing stockouts and the potential for further improvement.

Continued Innovation: Discover how Close-Up continues to innovate with AI and machine learning to enhance predictive capabilities and proactively prevent stockouts. Learn about supplementary CRM-enabled Big Data solutions like automated Order Recommendations.

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