Case-Study: How Close-Up Helped a Major Pharmaceutical Company Improve its Prescription Conversion

Unlock Success: Close-Up’s Prescription Conversion Case Study

Discover how Close-Up empowered a major pharmaceutical company to revolutionize its prescription conversion rates. Dive into our case study and learn how we helped drive substantial revenue growth through strategic interventions.

Navigating the Sales Funnel: Explore the challenges pharmaceutical companies face in converting prescriptions to sales. Learn why enhancing conversion rates is crucial for revenue growth, especially in fragmented markets with fierce competition.

In-Depth Analysis: Delve into Close-Up’s comprehensive analysis of a major pharmaceutical company’s sales of Rivaroxaban branded generic in Brazil. Learn how we identified key factors contributing to subpar conversion rates and devised actionable strategies for improvement.

Strategic Interventions: Discover the strategies Close-Up recommended to address low conversion rates, including targeted promotions, prescriber segmentation, and POS optimizations. See how these interventions led to significant revenue increases and market share growth.

Real Results: Explore the tangible outcomes of Close-Up’s interventions, including a nearly 50% increase in annualized revenue and substantial market share growth within just a few months. Witness the power of data-driven decision-making in driving business success.

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