More than 55+ years of serving the pharmaceutical industry

Our efforts towards continuous improvement are the engine of our growth. We like to take on new challenges, providing the latest technology and solutions to maximize the benefits and make our clients’ costs efficient, who we see as true strategic partners.

Our Mission

To provide reliable services with the highest technology to the Pharmaceutical Industry, creating value and guiding its activities to promote and inform about the medical products to the medical staff.

Our Vision

To be an international business model that leads the market with a focus on innovation and the search for creative and reliable answers to our clients’ needs.

Our Values


In 1968 we created the first company in charge of auditing medical prescriptions in the world.

Close-Up International was born in 1968 in the midst of a very creative context and intense and profound changes.

The company is created from an original idea: to be the First Prescription Auditor for the pharmaceutical market worldwide.

This is how our company was born, under the leadership of a prestigious group of professionals from the health, chemical and pharmaceutical sectors; becoming a pioneer company in the development and application of new analysis and research techniques.

Creation of Close-Up


Founded in Argentina as the company creating the First Prescription Audits in the world.

Pharmaceutical BI Launch


First Business Intelligence software for Pharmacies and Pharmacy Chains.

Close-Up CRM Launch


First exclusive CRM for the Pharmaceutical Industry.

Business Analyzer Launch


For the first time in the Pharmaceutical Industry a company offers an Integrating Solution for Prescription and Sales Data.

Digital Transformation


Addition of Ominchannel strategies for the growing digital demand of the Pharmaceutical Industry Agreement with McCaan Health.

Machine Learning


By adding Big Data, Close-Up provides Predictive Market Analysis services.

Strategic Alliance with Symphony Health (a PRA Healthsciences Company)


An important milestone that allows the integration of sales and prescription information from Latin America and the United States through the Regional Analyzer and Analytical Clinical Studies.

Close-Up US Launch


Important launch of Close-Up affiliate in the United States, with focus on launching our technology portfolio in the country and extending our partnership with our customer’s headquarters and regional offices.


Business Social Responsibility

Close-Up International is driven by a mission to foster positive change in the health sector through its extensive Corporate Social Responsibility program.

At the heart of this endeavor lies the Feel Foundation for Professional Development and Social Assistance, founded by the company’s directors with a passionate commitment to advancing health-related development policies. Through this foundation, Close-Up International channels its efforts towards empowering children through training, community assistance, and solidarity programs while also nurturing the growth and development of entrepreneurs in the health sector.

By awarding scholarships, organizing courses, and publishing valuable resources, the company strives to make a meaningful impact, aligning its actions with a cause-driven approach dedicated to enhancing healthcare outcomes and opportunities for all.